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  Buying At Auction 
Lindstrand Auctions Ltd. would like to make your auction experience as enjoyable and successful as possible, and we would like to share some basic information with you in regards to our auctions.
The first rule of buying at auction is to do your research, because being an informed buyer is your responsibility.  Take advantage of the auction preview whether it be on or before sale day. This will give you ample time to take measurements and inspect the items for any interesting features, serial numbers or any identifying marks and details, make, condition, usability, and to make sure that the items are complete, and in working order.
After your research and you have had the opportunity to inspect the item(s), it is time for you to  formulate a reasonable  maximum bid. This reasonable  figure is the maximum amount of money you decide you want to spend on an item. Having this number in mind during the actual bidding will help you to stick to your budget guideline. This is where your research can be helpful in understanding the current market prices and  popularity  of  the item.
 At one of Lindstrand Auctions Ltd’s Farm Auctions  you will benefit from not paying a buyers premium which may be charged by other auction companies in the region.  Currently, the only auctions where we charge this premium are at our Hardwood and Laminate Flooring Auctions, and some specialty auctions.  The respective auctions where this fee is charged is advertised as such,  to avoid any “buyer surprise”.  When bidding at an auction where a buyers premium is in effect,  remember that the buyers premium is added to the sold price and GST is calculated thereafter  All applicable taxes (GST) will also be added to the hammer (final) price of most items . Do not forget bidding is in Canadian dollars only.
We encourage you to talk with our knowledgeable auctioneers for insight on current market trends and reasonable sale values realized.  Another useful tool is the internet which will allow you to find the current retail prices  offered around the globe.
Registration is required for all auctions. This simply means providing your name, address, telephone number, and one  piece of   government issued photo ID (drivers license) to our registration staff. You will be given a bidder's number, which will identify you to the auctioneer. There is no charge for registering, at our auctions  and in some cases  we offer pre-registration when possible to save time the day of the actual auction.
Now it is time for the items you are interested in to be presented on the auction block.  The auctioneer will announce the commencement of  the auction and state the terms and conditions of the auction sale.  As each item is introduced on the auction block , the auctioneer will advise of any information of the description of the item as detailed  by the consignor. These descriptions are only a guide.  The owner, auctioneer, and auction staff are not responsible for any error or omissions stated verbally, in print or on our web media.
Safety should be observed by all bidders and attendees at auction.  We are not responsible for any accidents on or off auction site property.
When you want to bid on an item - make sure the Auctioneer  and Ring men can see you are bidding by raising your hand and your bid number. Once the auctioneer has taken your first bid they will keep their eye on you. Being too slow and subtle in your response may lead to the auctioneer missing your bid.  Bidding is exciting and although television may have led you to believe otherwise, the auctioneer will not let the hammer fall you because you were scratching your nose! Once the auctioneer has proclaimed SOLD,  be aware that all sales are final, and it is time to pay for your respective purchases.
If you're not able to attend an auction in person, we provide a way in which you can still participate in the auction:
Absentee Bids:  Leave your maximum bid with a staff member and it will be executed on your behalf. Be assured that your bid will be advanced to the least possible price to secure the lot.  Unfortunately, geography and cell phones are not good  companions at auctions.  Factors such as metal buildings and  limited cell service, make it difficult to communicate in many    regions of the province.  We prefer  the usage of proxy bids for these reasons.  Absentee bidding is not available at some of our auctions, however. You may call our auctioneers anytime to answer your questions during office hours and most evenings . 

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